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<cite>Monty Python Live (Mostly)</cite>

Monty Python Live (Mostly)

directed by Monty Python in English starring John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

One down, five to go.

<cite>Death of a Cyclist</cite>

Death of a Cyclist

directed by Juan Antonio Bardem in Spanish starring Lucia Bose and Alberto Closas

An adulterous couple—wealthy socialite and university professor—hit a cyclist on their way back from an illicit tryst. Fearing exposure of the affair, they leave the man to die. Gradually the noose tightens around them. A Cannes festival winner, starring Lucia Bose and Alberto Closas.

<cite>The One I Love</cite>


Next screening, 3:30pm

The One I Love

directed by Charlie McDowell starring Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson

An intriguing comedy with Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss.

“Charlie McDowell makes an incredibly assured directorial debut with this smart crowd-pleaser, featuring spectacular performances from Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss.” —Variety

<cite>Born to Be Bad</cite>


Next screening, 4:30pm

Born to Be Bad

directed by Nicholas Ray starring Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan

Joan Fontaine looks sweet and innocent on the surface, but after she steals millionaire Zachary Scott away from another woman, she continues an illicit affair with novelist Robert Ryan. Things just get more complicated from there in this daring and nasty melodrama. One of Nick Ray’s best early films—presented along with the original deleted ending! 35mm print courtesy of the George Eastman House



Next screening, 7:00pm


directed by Luchino Visconti in Italian starring Clara Calamai and Massimo Girotti

Based on James M. Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice, the first acclaimed work of Italian neorealism is a gritty, earthy (and unlicensed) adaptation of the famous noir novella, much closer in tone and spirit to Cain’s tale than the 1946 Hollywood version. Clara Calamai and Massimo Girotti burn up the screen as the doomed lovers, but Visconti makes the story as much about poverty as about lust and greed. The film was banned by Italy’s Fascist government, and MGM (legal holder of the movie rights) confiscated and destroyed all the prints it could find. Yet Ossessione survives, a stunning hybrid of noir and neorealism—the director’s first masterpiece.

<cite>Pépé Le Moko</cite>


Next screening, Sun 31 Aug, 2:00pm

Pépé Le Moko

directed by Julien Duvivier in French starring Jean Gabin

Parisian crook Pépé Le Moko (the legendary Jean Gabin) thrives within Algier’s Casbah, where the locals protect him from the police. But a canny cop uses romance as the bait when Pépé falls for a beautiful tourist. Exhibit A in the argument that the French were the first to do “Noir.”

<cite>Quai des orfèvres</cite>
Next screening, Sun 31 Aug, 4:30pm

Quai des orfèvres

directed by H.G. Clouzot in French starring Susie Delair, Louis Jouvert

Jenny Lamour (Susie Delair), a flighty and ambitious showgirl, is the prime suspect in the death of an elderly showbiz patron. But beleaguered inspector Antoine (Louis Jouvert) overlooks no possible suspect in the bustling theatre. An exceptional policier, rich with colorful characters.



Next screening, Sun 31 Aug, 7:00pm


directed by Jules Dassin in French

This French equivalent of The Asphalt Jungle focuses on four professional crooks determined to execute the perfect heist. Transplanted American director Dassin executes the most suspenseful robbery sequence of all-time in this legendary crime classic. Jean Servais leads the gang.

<cite>Two Men in Manhattan</cite>


Next screening, Sun 31 Aug, 9:30pm

Two Men in Manhattan

directed by Jean-Pierre Melville in English

When a French delegate to the United Nations vanishes into thin air, two French journalists comb nocturnal Manhattan in search of answers. Melville’s obsession with the look and sound of American culture is given free rein in this jazzily directed homage to film noir and New York.



Next screening, Mon 1 Sep, 3:00pm


directed by John Cromwell starring Eleanor Parker

Flat-out the best “women behind bars” movie ever made. Sentenced to prison for her role in a failed robbery that killed her husband, vulnerable innocent Marie Allen (Oscar-nominated Eleanor Parker) undergoes a degrading transformation in “the joint.” Parker gives the performance of her career, supported by a cell block of sensational actresses: Agnes Moorehead, Hope Emerson, Betty Garde, Jan Sterling, Lee Patrick, Jane Darwell and many more. A classic!



Next screening, Mon 1 Sep, 5:00pm


directed by John Berry starring Audrey Totter, Barry Sullivan and William Conrad

Vampy sexpot Audrey Totter is married to mild-mannered druggist Richard Basehart—but she sleeps with every “real man” she sees. So Basehart takes the noir way out—kills his wife’s lover and disappears into a new identity. But cops Barry Sullivan and William Conrad smell a rat. Then Audrey and Barry eye each other … and the tension is stretched to the breaking point. John Berry’s direction steamrolls the plot holes flat—and Totter is a 100-proof hoot.

<cite>One Way Street</cite>


Next screening, Tue 2 Sep, 5:00pm

One Way Street

directed by Hugo Fregonese starring James Mason, Dan Duryea

Even though he had just begun his American film career, James Mason already had his doomed fugitive persona down pat in Odd Man Out and The Reckless Moment. Here he’s a disillusioned doctor who feels responsible for his wife’s death and believes he’s only worthy of patching up wounded criminals. He tricks Los Angeles gang boss Dan Duryea out of his latest haul, and absconds with Duryea’s more than willing moll, Marta Toren. They head to Mexico with the swag—but can they outrun Duryea’s limitless reach?

<cite>Hardly a Criminal</cite>


Next screening, Tue 2 Sep, 7:00pm

Hardly a Criminal

directed by Hugo Fregonese in Spanish starring Jorge Salcedo

A bank employee (Jorge Salcedo) uses a loophole in Argentine law to concoct the perfect crime, planning to reap the rewards of his embezzlement after serving six years in prison. A vivid cross between Naked City and Brute Force, and an evocative look at mid-20th century Buenos Aires.

<cite>Drunken Angel</cite>


Next screening, Wed 3 Sep, 5:00pm

Drunken Angel

directed by Akira Kurosawa in Japanese starring Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura

An alcoholic doctor and a tubercular gangster forge an unexpected friendship after the doctor saves the callow crook’s life, but the return of a criminal comrade sparks a tragic turn. Toshiro Mifune explodes off the screen in his first film for Kurosawa

<cite>Stray Dog</cite>


Next screening, Wed 3 Sep, 7:00pm

Stray Dog

directed by Akira Kurosawa in Japanese starring Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura

A young policeman is disgraced when his gun is stolen on the subway. With the help of a veteran cop he hunts the culprit through the Tokyo underworld. A riveting thriller and vividly wrought portrait of post-Hiroshima Japan. Mifune and Shimura are reunited as the dogged cops.



Next screening, Thu 4 Sep, 5:00pm


directed by Joseph Losey starring David Wayne

The American version of Fritz Lang’s 1931 classic about a child murderer being simultaneously hunted by the police and the underworld receives renewed impetus in the setting of Bunker Hill locations under the direction of Joe Losey. David Wayne turns in a bravura performance as the killer and is supported by a veritable character actor’s Hall of Fame: Howard Da Silva, Luther Adler, Steve Brodie, Raymond Burr, Norman Lloyd, Walter Burke and Jim Backus. Not on DVD!

<cite>The Black Vampire</cite>


Next screening, Thu 4 Sep, 7:00pm

The Black Vampire

directed by Román Viñoly Barreto in Spanish starring Olga Zubarry

This clever “feminist” reworking of Fritz Lang’s classic M focuses on the mothers of children stalked by a deranged pedophile. Virtually unknown outside Argentina, and presented onscreen in the U.S. for the first time ever, in a new 35mm print! Starring the radiant Olga Zubarry.

Saturday, August 30th





Monty Python Live (Mostly)


Death of a Cyclist


The One I Love


Born to Be Bad


The One I Love




The One I Love


Death of a Cyclist


The One I Love


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm



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Special Events



Sat 30 Aug


The 6th edition of the Music Box’s annual film noir festival is going international, exploding the long-held belief that noir stories and style are a specifically American phenomenon.

<cite>Duran Duran: Unstaged</cite>


Wed 10 Sep

Duran Duran: Unstaged

directed by David Lynch in English

For one night only Duran Duran took the stage in Los Angeles with a historical performance that included some of the most celebrated guests in music history. And it’s directed by David Lynch… whoa.

<cite>David Bowie is</cite>


Tue 23 Sep

David Bowie is

directed by Hamish Hamilton in English

A one night only event to prime David Bowie fans for the upcoming exhibit opening at the MCA!

<cite>PULP: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets</cite>


Wed 19 Nov

PULP: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

directed by Florian Habicht in English

One Night Only!


2014 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

by Dave Jennings, Thu 28 Aug 2014, 1:57pm

For 10 days and two weekends, the 2014 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival will take you on an amazing journey with a wealth of character-driven stories, painterly and cutting-edge animation, and unforgettable award winning films. The first Oscar-qualifying film festival for children and families, the CICFF represents a rare opportunity for Chicagoans to see top award-winning films before anyone else.


Up Next

<cite>Life After Beth</cite>

opens Fri 5 Sep

Life After Beth

directed by Jeff Baena starring Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon

“Charming, thoughtful and laugh-out-loud funny. “ – Variety

“Sometimes tender, sometimes frantic and always funny” – Hollywood Reporter

<cite>A Five Star Life</cite>

opens Fri 5 Sep

A Five Star Life

directed by Maria Sole Tognazzie starring Ivan Cotroneo, Francesca Marciano

A Five Star Life is the sophisticated story of one woman’s quest for personal and professional fulfillment.


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